As a “Green” oriented company, we have positioned ourselves to take advantage of traditional as well as new or developing industries that allow us to further our core mission.  Aquaponics fits within that mission.  But, many people do not know about aquaponics and the its benefits.

Please view the video on this page about aquaponics and you will quickly see that the opportunities for us and the benefits for the Greater Pittsburgh area exists with the deveopment of our aquaponics goals within our company.

It is our intention to find investors to help us fulfill the desire to move into aquaponics.  Instead of going into aquaponics by building the system by constructing it by building tanks and float systems by hand, we intend to acquire systems supplied by Nelson and Pade located in Wisconsin.  See their video below to understand more.

Please go to our contact page if you are interested in participating with us in our goal to create a for-profit aquaponic business within the Pittsburgh region.