Here at A & H Green Solutions, we believe that our employees are our most important and core asset that directly results in our future and our success. We can never be successful until our employees are successful. We prescribe to the definition of luck outlined by John C. Maxwell in his book “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.”

Preparation (growth) + Attitude + Opportunity + Action (doing something about it) = LUCK

As a result, we have decided to take a very different approach in the direction of employee rewards.

There are two ways to receive rewards by representing A & H Green Solutions:

Sales – We believe that there is no better way to better enhance your income by being associated with us than to develop sales leads. So, if you help us to grow our lead pipeline by identifying potential commercial and/or residential clients that sign with us you will receive a percentage of the monthly revenue in this manner:

5 % – For the first 5 contracts

7% – For contracts 6 through 10

10% – For all contracts over 10

You will receive this income each month that you continue to actively work for A & H Green Solutions as long as you actively continue to develop leads up through a continuous five year period of work for us. Then after the fifth year you will continue to receive the income for life as long as their contract stays on our books as a serviced client.

If you are interested in working for us in any capacity, send us an e-mail message at qualityservices@aandhgreensolutions.com to receive an employment application so that you can begin your journey. Make sure that you include your name and telephone number in the message.

We know that not everyone sees themselves or purposefully heads into sales. However, we want everyone to be exposed to this upward income possibility regardless of your original employment intention.